Compliance Tools for Mobile Users

Program Integrity

It is the mission of Program Integrity to ensure compliance, efficiency, and accountability within higher education government programs by detecting and preventing fraud, waste, program abuse, and by ensuring that federal dollars are applied appropriately by implementing tort recoveries, pursuing recoupments, and identifying avenues for cost avoidance.

Quality Assurance

IntegrisMobile introduces new methods of customer survey engagement, including the ability to capture feedback at various touchpoints during interviews, tours, or other highly mobile interactions. IntegrisMobile delivers on the long-promised potential of integrated "Voice of the Customer" to deliver holistic, timely insight and actionable business decisions.


IntegrisMobile delivers accurate and real-time monitoring of training programs, trainers, and trainees to provide deeper insight into the effectiveness of training programs. In addition to capturing training and participant interactions, IntegrisMobile provides "after-action" playback of training interactions allowing participants real-time feedback on progress.

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