Salem, Massachusetts, November 6, 2012: Blueforce Development Corporation, a leader in mobile collaboration and situational awareness software to the military, national security, and public safety markets has announced IntegrisMobile, a secure software application to service the Program Integrity and Compliance needs of for-profit colleges, trade schools, and career colleges.
State and Federal regulators, in their quest to balance budgets and reduce spending, have targeted the long scrutinized for-profit education sector. Recent and pending legislation at the federal and state level is expected to deliver more compliance scrutiny in this crowded, competitive, and increasingly commoditized market.

“Leveraging technology for compliance programs that involve centralized workforces has been straightforward. Mitigating risk for regulated processes with a high degree of mobility has proven to be problematic and costly to institutions. IntegrisMobile was built with a singular focus of providing a secure transcript of interactions between institution and prospective students at a substantially lower cost than traditional approaches”, said Robb Heering, Market Manager for IntegrisMobile Higher Education.

IntegrisMobile delivers the first true turn-key mobile compliance toolset for regulated environments where monitoring, quality assurance, and risk management are critical. The solution enables improved compliance training for the recruiting and financial aid function, provides real-time, archived and remote mobile monitoring, business intelligence for marketing and program development, and provides deterrence against questionable tactics.

Andrew Hipple, Director of Information Technology at YTI Career Institute, an early adopter of the IntegrisMobile compliance solution stated that “the IntegrisMobile product line from Blueforce enhanced the transparency of the admission and financial aid processes ensuring that all information conveyed to potential students is accurate. This product has set YTI apart from other institutions.”

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