IntegrisCloud Archiving and Live Listen

Some institutions may have a requirement for recordings and live audio streams to be sent directly to an official repository thereby minimizing any chain of custody questions. Or, the institution may want to allow non-IntegrisManager users to gain access to live or stored recordings.

For these use cases, Blueforce provides the IntegrisCloud Web Service, a web application that resides on a web server at a single location, or, multiple services may be deployed across the institution.

IntegrisCloud Core Features

  • Centralized Storage Location: Recording sessions may be configured to stream and/or write the audio file to the web service, eliminating the possibility of audio files stored in multiple locations,
  • Real-time listening and/or retrieval from a non-IntegrisManager endpoint: The institution may wish to provide access to recordings or live streams to non-institution personnel. The Web Service provides an application interface that allows any Adobe-Flash capable browser to retrieve and listen to recordings.
  • Secure: The web service provides a secure, access controlled, interface for login and use.
  • Search and Retrieval: Search capability to locate a specific recording by Recording ID.

System Requirements

  • CPU: 1Ghz or better Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 4 cores
  • OS: Windows Server 2008 or higher, IIS V6.0 or higher, SQL Server 2008 or higher, .NET 4.0
  • MEMORY: 4GB or more
  • STORAGE: 50MB for core application plus storage for recordings and logfiles
  • NETWORK: 1Mbps or faster TCP/IP internet connection
  • ACCOUNT: XMPP/Jabber account (i.e., GoogleTalk, Apple iChat, Cisco Collaboration Services, Oracle/Sun Collaboration Services, OpenFire) for WAN communications

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