IntegrisListener Plugin

The IntegrisListener Plugin is what makes our compliance solutions unique and powerful. The IntegrisListener plugin installs on the IntegrisMobile endpoint (i.e., Android or iOS phone or tablet) and provides a means for compliance officers to initiate a recording of a recruiting and/or financial interaction from a IntegrisManager node. The Plugin is installed and enabled by your organization and streams audio to the requesting IntegrisManager workstation, or, can be streamed and stored directly to an IntegrisCloud instance for assured chain of custody.

Listener Plugin Core Features

  • Auto-load: Plugin can be configured to load automatically on device startup ensuring the capability is ready when needed.
  • Remote Configuration: The IntegrisListener plugin gets it’s commands and configuration from the requesting IntegrisManager endpoint which minimizes the need for endusers needing to configure the Android or iOS device.
  • Offline or on-line: If the IntegrisMobile device loses connectivity for whatever reason, the recording continues and is pushed as a complete recording upon termination of the session.
  • Live or recorded: Listen live or request a final recording.
  • Push to IntegrisManager or IntegrisCloud Service: Provides total freedom of choice as to where compliance recordings should be pushed and/or stored.

System Requirements

  • BTAC: Plugs into IntegrisMobile for Android or iOS V1.1 or higher
  • CPU: 500-megahertz (MHz) processor or better
  • OS: Android 2.2 and above; iOS 5.0 or higher
  • MONITOR: 800×480 or better, 320×480 is partially supported
  • MEMORY: 1MB above and beyond baseline IntegrisMobile requirements plus 250MB of cache area
  • NETWORK: 128kbps or faster TCP/IP internet connection; WIFI and 3G/4G recommended
  • ACCOUNT: XMPP/Jabber account (i.e., GoogleTalk, Apple iChat, Cisco Collaboration Services, Oracle/Sun Collaboration Services, OpenFire) for WAN communications

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